A warmest welcome to Yoga From The Heart.

So much more than a basic fitness package – Yoga From The Heart will help you to work on and improve your well-being, mindset and accountability. I’m deeply passionate about seeing others win in life, and you can too.

  • Pre-recorded and live yoga sessions.
  • Zumba meditation and strength based classes.
  • Private Facebook group with a vibrant and nurturing group of individuals who are all rooting for each other to win.
  • Monthly workshops to encourage and empower others to help with their mindset, mobility and overall health.

Get ready to get in the best shape of your life mentality, spiritually and physically all whilst finding your zen. See you there.

Ash x

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How Can I Stay Motivated With Exercise?

How Can I Stay Motivated With Exercise?

This is a really interesting topic, one I think that has been googled a crazy amount of times. So how do we stay motivated. Here are some tips to help. Find an instructor and program which not only motivates but inspires you. YouTube is one of my most viewed tools...

What Is Power Yoga?

What Is Power Yoga?

I recently asked this question in a poll to my Instagram and Facebook followers. The response was almost unanimous that nobody had a clue! So what is it? Power Yoga is also called Yoga sculpt. It is a unique modern version of yoga which includes yoga postures with or...

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