This is a really interesting topic, one I think that has been googled a crazy amount of times. So how do we stay motivated. Here are some tips to help.

Find an instructor and program which not only motivates but inspires you.
YouTube is one of my most viewed tools online. It’s amazing to see the varied videos out there. However, one thing they can’t do is hold you accountable. They do not check to see how you are doing and motivate you to improve. The classes are not designed to target a certain group and they are not progressive. The participants will not be able to improve with correct direction.

Find a community, find a group of people with the same common goal.
If you go to the gym on your own or running solo it a really hard to build the motivation on your down on unmotivated days. However, if you have a community of real people cheering you on and inspiring you on a daily basis you are far more likely to succeed.

Create a lifestyle.
Fitness is a lifestyle choice. If you choose to go to the pub and have 10 beers per night that is the lifestyle you will have. Similarly if you choose to prioritise your fitness and health by choosing to drink 2 litres of water, choosing to eat wholesome food and choosing to make time for exercise you will become that person.

Make a routine.
If you work 9-5 your fitness is likely to need to be in an evening. Find classes that serve your lifestyle. You’re more likely to stick to them if you can make the time.

We’d all love to join an expensive spa club but it’s not always the right thing for our budget. If you can afford the membership and it provides great value for money then that is always going to be an inspiration for you to keep paying and keep going.

Make some plans for your future.
Manifest what your goals are, what is your one month goal, three month goals and six month goals. A good example is that you’d like to become a mother but you cannot until you’ve worked on making your body strong enough to carry a child. Or another may be that you have poor mental health and you want to find a sense of clarity in your life. These are goals that will improve with fitness.

By being consistent with exercise you build self-esteem.
By constantly giving up you teach yourself that you are a quitter, this lowers your self-esteem. By sticking to a goal and carrying it through you teach yourself that you are strong enough to follow it through. If you can do that you can do anything.

Something to motivate yourself is how good you feel.
As you dive deeper into your fitness journey, you get fitter, healthier you will slowly feel more and more positive about yourself. This is worth staying consistent for.

I hope you found these tips helpful. At Yoga from The Heart our membership provides all of the tools listed above. We have a private WhatsApp group for membership only. This is a phenomenal supportive community designed to cheer each other on. We set goals and we check in to see if they’re being met. We motivate and we hold you accountable to the classes you book to join. Not only that we offer mindset and meditation tools to build on mental health as well as physical health. Each week we set challenges to keep you excited about your progress. Come join us, our membership is super affordable at £20 per month, a fraction of a gym price… and no parking!

Love Ash. ❤️❤️